Villa Sunfield is owned and operated by Evamed Frail Care Centres. Evamed is owned by Dr Rafiek Rodriques, who is also the primary doctor at the practice.

Evamed was formed in 2013 with the purpose of setting up medical centres, Emergency and Express Care Centres , and day clinics across Durban which will provide holistic medical care to its patients and the community.

Evamed provides an opportunity for medical doctors to set up practice without the financial risk , and provide them with a winning concept that will assist them in maximising their profit. A core part of our business involves providing comprehensive practice management solutions for these practices so that the doctors can concentrate on taking care of their patients.

The vision is to develop multi-disciplinary centres of excellence that provide comprehensive holistic care with the latest medical technology. Within these medical centres we will implement best medical practices that will free the doctors from the day to day operations of the practice and be able to focus on patient care. Villa Sunfield is one of those facilities.

Evamed provides first class facilities for our doctors to work in and where patients can get the best medical treatment.We adopt an unprecedented approach to customer satisfaction through fast and efficient delivery of quality care to patients. Our business approach will always endeavour to place preference on meeting the needs of patients first.

Evamed does and will continue to adopt an “unashamedly ethical approach” in all our business dealings. We operate with honestly and integrity , building lasting and solid relationships based on trust. We communicate in an open and transparent manner  ,honouring the principles of respect and responsibility.

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